2009 Glue Crew Model Contest

On Saturday October 17, 2009 the Glue Crew model club held their annual model contest and swap meet at the Howard Johnson Inn in Wausau. Members of the Glue Crew were in attendance to help enroll, manage, offer advice, judge, and have a good time participating in the contest. Contestants both young and old participated in this annual event and brought a tremendous amount of beautiful models to the show.

Winners in 2009 included the following:
3rd Robert Teubert KV-1
2nd Scott Hoffland Pacific Sherman
1st Tim Klunder T34/76
3rd Andrzej Szymkowski E100
2nd Scott Hoffland Tiger
1st Scott Hoffland 234/1
Armor-Post WWII
2nd Andrzej Szymkowski BM21 Grad
1st Tim Klunder T62-A
Aircraft Pre 1945 1/32 scale & up
1st Bob Dudley Hurricane
Aircraft Pre 1945 1/48 scale
3rd Joe Urcikan PT-20
2nd Rick Spenner DR-1 Fokker
1st Joe Urcikan O2U-1 Corsair
Aircraft Pre 1945 1/72nd scale & under
3rd Rick Spenner Night Fighter
2nd Kerry Fiske Junkers Ju-88
1st Joe Urcikan C-47
Aircraft Post 1945 1/32 scale & up
2nd Stuart Vandervort Mig 20
1st Mike Rechlicz F-4
Aircraft Post 1945 1/48 scale
1st Joe Urcikan Skyraider
Aircraft Post 1945 1/72 scale & under
3rd Paul Johnston "F4D-1 ""Sky Ray"""
2nd Mike Dowd F-89 Scorpion
1st Joe Urcikan F-89 Scorpion
3rd Rob Teubert German Mounted Carrier
2nd Nathan Partridge The Guyver
1st Nathan Partridge Gill-man
3rd Andrzej Szymkowski USS Kidd
2nd Gary Anderson Santa Maria
1st Rick Spenner S-100 Schnellboat
3rd Stuart Vandervort """Patrol Time"""
2nd Anzo Lee """Ancient Maritime Tale"""
1st Clark Hubbzrd """Parted Out"""
3rd Mike Dowd Charger
2ndEntry 1308-not present
1st Rob Schmidt Baldwin Nova
3rd Greg Schmidt Fleetline Custom
2nd Rob Schmidt Javelin AMX
1st Greg Schmidt "26 ""T"" Rod"
3rd Greg Schmidt 60 Impala Nascar
2nd Jason Kordus Ferrari 512S
1st Jason Kordus Ferrari 330 P4
Trucks/Light Duty
3rd Rick Spenner DUCK
2nd Greg Schmidt 60 Chevy Truck
1st Brian Kruse 48 Ford Truck
3rd Jeff Duranso 63 GMC B-Series
2nd Lee Marsh Dodge L-700 hauler
1st David Falk "Kenworth ""Severe Service"""
3rd Kerry Fiske Snowspeeder
2nd Bob Dudley Area 51 UFO
1st Clinton George AT-ST
3rd Rick Spenner BR52 Locomotive
2nd David Falk Bucyrus Erie Crane
1st Brian Kruse Yamaha Roadstar
Junior (12 & under)
3rd Lorien Partridge Dialga
3rd Carson Sillars German truck
2nd Kane Bernarde F350 truck
1st Macrine Schry Millenium Falcon
Intermediate (13-17)
2nd Dustin Marsh 67 GTX
1st Dustin Marsh L700 Tilt cab
Out of Box
1st """Orange Crate"""
Theme-Birthright build
1st Jason Kordus
Most Innovative
Anzo Lee """Ancient Maritime Tale"""
Best in Show
Gary Anderson Santa Maria
Glue Crew traveling trophy - Best drunken build
Steve Koslowski Hauler

(To see an assortment of incredible models from this years contest, go to Glue Crew 2009 contest pictures.)

The “Glue Crew” will be back full song next year so if you are in the Wausau area during the third week of October, come on over and check out some incredible models.

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